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Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. When used in the right ways, color can even save on energy consumption.

As a powerful form of communication, color is irreplaceable. Red means "stop" and green means "go." Traffic lights send this universal message. Likewise, the colors used for a product, web site, business card, or logo cause powerful reactions. Color Matters!

global color survey
The Global Color Survey

What color makes you happy? What's your favorite color? Tell us what you think about color. After you take the Global Color Survey, you'll get the results from 130,000 from all over the world. 

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Help for our colorful mission

We’re forming a nonprofit organization with a mission to give young people and adults with disabilities and disadvantages the opportunity to express themselves through art and color. We’ll also develop educational material and online instruction for people all over the world. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for fiscal sponsors or existing nonprofits that may be interested in partnering - or anything else. Please contact us.

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New eCourses from Color Matters

sq ColorPsych LB 360
Empower your logo and brand with colors that pack the most power, deliver your message instantly and effectively, boost sales and increase your brand’s recognition. It's quick and easy in two hours time or less from start to finish: Color Psychology for Logos and Branding

Foolproof Color Formulas for Interior Design

Create a unique color palette for your logo and brand with dynamic recipes for color harmony in 2 hours time or less. Color Harmony for Logos and Branding is packed with guidelines for designing and applying color palettes to your logo, website & all branding materials.

 New Blog Post

covid designer
Designers that changed everything - and why color matters

Here’s a look at four successful designs, the artists who created them, and why color matters. I hope it inspires everyone whether you’re an amateur, pro, or just love to dabble.


 ...more at the Color Matters blog...

color emojis

Languages without words: Color and Emojis

The language of emojis is like the language of colors. They both communicate without words. Compare their powers.



red diamond
The Most Expensive Color in the World

Guess what it is!

New at Color Matters

phone screens color bw
Colour and Phone Addiction

Three students at a school in Ireland aimed to find a correlation between colour usage in social media and mobile phone addiction in youth. This is the most inspiring and thoroughly documented research that we've ever received from students. A+


trends color title
Color Trends

What is a color trend? Where do they come from? Does a color trend really matter in the 21st Century? Explore some answers!

Most Popular Articles 

Color Branding: Yahoo and Google
People see color before they absorb anything else.

Many of the most recognizable brands in the world rely on color as a key factor in their instant recognition. Find out more about why color matters in our new article: Color & Branding


Does John Deere own green? Does Barbie own pink? What are the legal rights to colors?

Can you "own" the colors of your brand? Does John Deere own green? Does Barbie own pink? Does Tiffany own "Robin's Egg" blue? Find out what the TM and ® symbols mean: Color Branding & Trademark Rights  



Explore the Meanings of Colors

Is red the most extreme & powerful color on earth? How can yellow be the color of both happiness and caution today? Supposing the color blue was removed from the world, specifically the sea and sky ... what color would fill the void? Discover the unique meanings of colors.

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