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New!  The Meanings of Colors
What are the myths and truths about each color?
Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, and pink

The Global Color Survey
What color makes you happy, what's your favorite color? Tell us what you think about color. After you take the survey you'll find out what 130,000 people said about colors.


Green - fertility - man - plant

The Green Man was the pagan god of fertility.
Discover the origin of green m&ms.
Color & Culture Matters

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Color origins and symbols

Some say that yellow and black create a primal reaction of fear. Perhaps that's why caution signs are the same colors? Red has its origins in the intensity of fire and represents intense emotions today. Find out more:
Color Symbolism Theories


The color of pills

 The Color of Medications
Patients respond best when color corresponds with the intended results.

More about color symbolism

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Color Symbolism Influences

Gender Differences

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