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Who owns hues? Cadbury trademark purple

Who Owns Hues?
Could all the colors of the rainbow be confiscated in a marketing war?


icon color trends

What is a color trend? Where do they come from? Does a color trend really matter in the 21st Century? Explore some answers at Color Trends.


Color Branding: Yahoo and Google

People see color before they absorb anything else.

Many of the most recognizable brands in the world rely on color as a key factor in their instant recognition. Find out more about why color matters in our new article: Color & Branding


Does John Deere own green? Does Barbie own pink? What are the legal rights to colors?

Can you "own" the colors of your brand? Does John Deere own green? Does Barbie own pink? Does Tiffany own "Robin's Egg" blue? Find out what the TM and ® symbols mean: Color Branding & Trademark Rights


The Global Color Survey

Take the Global Color Survey.
When you're finished you'll find out what 130,000 people from all over the globe said about colors.

The colors of pills - medications

The Color of Medications
Does color matter?

The Psychology of Color Symbolism
Become a Color Symbolis Pro
Online training from ColorMatters

Why color matters in marketing

Why Color Matters
Real facts about how color increases brand recognition, helps memory, and more.


The Meanings of Colors
Happy yellow and sad blue! Explore the meanings of colors.

Colors speak louder than words. Learn how to use it logically

More about color and marketing:

Color & Usability Matters
How color is used functionally in the world today.

Color for E-Commerce
  Tips for designing successful sites

Gender Differences
in response to color

Quirks of the Color Quest
Choosing the next "hot color"


A Guide to Color Symbolism

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