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Color Symbolism Influences

There are several factors that influence the symbolism of a color:

1. The specific shade (variation) of a color
Dark and light shades of any color convey completely different meanings. For example, pink (light red) loses all of red's associations with energy and takes on new connotations of tenderness and sweetness. Likewise, dark blue is dignified and authoritative, sky blue is ethereal and softer.

Shades of a color


2. The quantity and placement of the color
Colors deliver the most powerful symbolism when used in large areas.

Quantity of a color

3. The shape or object the color occupies
Symbolism becomes more complex when a color is used in combination with a basic shape.

Different shapes and color

4. The color combination
Colors take on new meaning when combined with other colors.
For example, red and green are the colors of Christmas in Western cultures.

Color Combinations


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