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Color Matters brings you articles and research about color by other color professionals. If you are the author or have rights to reproduce the information, Contact us with this email form.. We will either arrange to publish the text at this site or link to the designated URL.

Color Associations
Olga Dmitrieva, a linguist from Tomsk State University in Russia, presents excerpts from her psycholinguistic experiment study about Russian and English color associations.

Color Matching in a Retail Environment
Ian Barclay
Director of Color Operations for Colortec/Dyeables

When Students Imagine Numbers in Color
Is there a relationship between creativity and mathematic ability?
Constance P. Berlin, April 1998
Written for an independent study in educational research at Harvard University Graduate School of Education, 1998.
Email: Connie Berlin <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

A Dystopia of Color Education
A paper about the demise of color education in art schools in the United States
Christopher Willard

Chris Willard: Reading List

Seeing through the Eyes of The Color Blind Shopper
Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, Rutgers University, Camden

Gender Differences
Gender and the Meaning of Color in Interior Environments

Colour as a tool for e-branding
Na Ree Lee answers the question "How can colour as a semiotic sign be effectively implemented in web site design, so that e-branding of that site can be more interactive with the viewers?"

Colour and Phone Addiction
Three students at a school in Ireland aimed to find a correlation between colour usage in social media and mobile phone addiction in youth. This is the most inspiring and thoroughly documented research that we've ever received from students.



global color survey - demographic info about color

 If you are the author or have rights to reproduce the information, Contact us with this email form..


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