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Color/ General

1. Hope and Walch, THE COLOR COMPENDIUM , Van Norstrand Reinhold 1990
This book covers all aspects of color. An excellent starting point.

Color /Aesthetics / Art

1. Itten, Johannes, THE ELEMENTS OF COLOR, Van Norstrand Reinhold
A must for artists. Basic principles as well as interesting psychological and optical information.

2. Albers, Josef , THE INTERACTION OF COLOR , Yale University.
This classic book explains the critical contextual relationships of color. How and why colors change their appearance.

3. Arnheim, Rudolph, ART AND VISUAL PERCEPTION, University of California Press.
The most thorough and academic book about design principles.

4. Morton, J.L., COLOR LOGIC, Colorcom, 2008
A practical, visual guide that takes the guesswork out of color theory. This clear, concise, and fully-illustrated book presents a complete picture of color terminology, harmony, and dynamic color effects. 172 illustrations take you from understanding essential theory to application. Currently being used as a text book for design courses in the US, Canada and Australia.

5. Birren, Faber, Color Perception in Art, 1976

6. Chevreul, M.E.,  Harmony and Contrast of Colors, 1967

7. Goethe, J.W., Theory of Colours, 1971. (First edition published in 1810.)

8. Chris Willard: Reading List

9. Chronological Bibliography on Color Theory
In Spanish and English - A chronological bibliography on color theory, from Plato to 1997. You can perform a search by keywords here.

Color / Interior Environments and Architecture

1. Birren, Faber, LIGHT COLOR AND ENVIRONMENT, Schiffer Publishing , 1988

2. Mahnke, Frank and Mahnke, Rudolf, COLOR AND LIGHT IN MAN-MADE ENVIRONMENTS, Van Norstrand, 1993

3. Swirnoff, Lois, DIMENSIONAL COLOR, Van Norstrand

4. Morton, J.L., Color Voodoo for the Office, Colorcom, 2006
Color effects in the workplace. The same concepts can be applied to any critical task area. Physiological, psychological and optical effects of color plus formulas for harmonious color schemes.


6. Morton, J.L., Color Matters for the Home, Colorcom, 2010

6. Leatrice Eiseman, Colors for Your Every Mood : DISCOVER YOUR TRUE DECORATING COLORS - a basic guide for women

Color and Web Site Design

1. Visibone : Color References: Cards, charts, posters which helps you visualize all color options when laying out a site or composing graphic images.

2. Morton, J.L., Color Logic for Web Site Design, Colorcom, 2009
A practical, visual guide that takes the guesswork out of color theory for web site designers. This clear, concise, and fully-illustrated book presents a complete picture of color terminology, harmony, and dynamic color effects. 223 illustrations take you from understanding essential theory to specific web design applications

encyclopedia web color design

Color / Science / Physics

1. Falk,Brill ,and Stork, SEEING THE LIGHT, Optics in Nature, Photography, Color, Vision and Holography , John Wiley and Sons, 1986
An excellent technical source for the physics of light.

2. Color Research and Application
reports on the science, technology, and application of color in business, art, design, education, and industry.

3. MED-LINE searches
Search for chromotherapy, photobiology and color

Color / Philosophy

1.Westphal, Jonathan, COLOUR, A Philosophical Introduction , Basil Blackwell, 1991

Color / Psychology and Symbolism

1.Sharpe, Deborah, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR AND DESIGN , Nelson Hall Inc. 1982
An excellent scientific analysis of critical psychological color effects.

2. Morton, J.L., A Guide to Color Symbolism, Colorcom, 2008.
Confidently choose the right color to support your message with this visual guide to color symbolism. Each of the 100 + large color swatches are defined by specific symbolic associations and RGB/HEX formulas.

3. Morton, J.L.,Colors that Sell - Tried & Tested Color Schemes, Colorcom 2008

4. Morton, J.L., Global Color: Clues and Taboos, Colorcom 2008

Illustrates how to choose the right colors for international designs

6. Hartman, THE COLOR CODE

7. Gage, John, COLOR AND CULTURE, 1993.

8. Gage, John, COLOR AND MEANING, 1999

colvoo language

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