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Pakistan is one of the most colorful places in the world. The following photographs reflect the timeless and timely colors of the people, landscape, architecture, food, and much more of what can be seen in this unique country.

Some questions to answer: Do any of the contemporary examples reflect the timeless symbolism of the color? How has the color has evolved over time?  Could any of the contemporary examples of the color be found in your country?


Timeless Example of Blue
Sky - spirituality, tranquility, immaterial, mystical
Water - coolness, fluidity, cleanliness
Timeless example of blue

Blue in Pakistan Today
Blue garbage can blue window and people
Blue garbage can
Blue window shutters
Blue tile in mosque Worker in blue clothes
Blue tile in mosque Blue work clothes



Timeless Example of Red
Fire - power, warmth, excitement, energy
Blood - danger, life energy, violence
Timeless example of red - fire and blood

Red in Pakistan Today
red berries red bagpipers
Red strawberries (also timeless)
Red bagpipers' uniforms at polo match
red henna and wedding dress Red script on back of truck
Red henna hands & wedding dress Red script on a sign



Timeless Example of Green
Natural Landscape - growth, fertility, nourishment, renewal, hope
Timeless example of green in Pakistan

Green in Pakistan Today
Shalimar Gardens Flag of Pakistan
Shalimar Gardens in Lahore
( constructed in the 17th century)
The flag of Pakistan
green vegetables Gwen39;s green door
Vegetables in Landa Market Green door at house



Timeless Example of Yellow
Fruit and Flowers - happiness, luminosity, hope, warmth, nourishment

Yellow fruit and flowers

Yellow in Pakistan Today
yellow kite yellow harness on ox
Kite and Basant (yellow) Festival
Harness on ox
big yellow chips yellow tile
Big chips
Mosaic tiles at Shalimar Gardens
cooking jalebi jalebi
Cooking jalebi Jalebi (a sweet)



Timeless Example of Brown
Earth and Rocks - nature, strength, dependability, nourishment, security, warmth
Browns in Landscape

Brown in Pakistan Today
brown field and cattle brown nuts
Water buffalo
Nuts and grains in Landa Market
Tarogil Village child Wall at Lahore Fort
Tarogil village The Lahore Fort


In conclusion, the most colorful of all ...

Bus art
Detail of painted bus

Bus in Islamabad


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