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Poynton on gamma:
Poynton's FAQ about Gamma

The lack of gamma correction on PC's and Suns.
Gamma correction explained:

Ad Berger's gamma demonstration image and gamma measurement image.
Scroll down to almost the end of the page.
Gamma test

Gamma - much more information, lots of links:

A technical explanation of gamma from PNG
Browser Gamma-Correction Test Page

Monitor Control Panels and Glare

Poynton: How to minimize glare and establish good physical viewing conditions. How to adjust the monitor's front-panel controls.
Reducing Eyestrain from Video and Computer Monitors

How to adjust BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST controls on your monitor


Color Standardization

The search for color standardization
The International Color Consortium

An explanation of RGB
Color Systems

JPEG 2000
JPEG 2000 - Going Mainstream? (2006)

Color Mutations
Gamma Correction and Color Space

Benefits of PNG

Computer Systems

More information on how computer components work together
Computer Color Tips

 Encyclopedia of Color for Website Design

Web Site Design Tools

The best chart - RGB and HEX values
The 216 web-safe colors


Web safe color palettes, posters, mouse pads and more
HTML - Color-Codes

For Web site designers: This palette will ensure that colors used in a gif or jpeg image are the same as those handled by Netscape and Explorer. It includes the 216 colors common to both PC's and Macs. The colors will still be viewed differently on different computers. But at least you'll have a basic color vocabulary.
Victor Engle's No Dither Netscape Color Palette

The symbolism of over 100 web-safe colors. Large color swatches - RGB and hex codes included.
"A Guide to Color Symbolism "


Master the basics of color theory with this straightforward guide to creating with color. It's used as a text at many universities and yet it's simple enough for everyone interested in color! Download immediately.
"Color Logic for Web Site Design"


An encyclopedia of four e-books
"Color Voodoo for Web Site Design"



Web and UI Design

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