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Question: Where can I learn about color therapy?

Don't bother looking in the American Medical Association section of your library...they outlaw'd colortherapy decades ago. (They said it was bunk and didn't work). Regards, Mac

Color Matters:
Color/Colour Therapy Net
This page at the Mining Company's Healing site has lots of information and links for color therapy

The Miracle of Colour Healing,The Aquarian Press, AnImprint of
HarperCollins Publishers, London, 1990

John Ott also conducted substantial research into the biological effects of light. Although he lacked scientific credentials, his work is noteworthy.
Published works of John Ott:
Health & Light 1973
Light, Radiation and You 1982

Color Matters:
The NEW YORK TIMES, Sunday Magazine 4/26/92, reported that $15.5 million was spent last year by the the National Institute of Mental Health on light therapy experiments. George Brainard, a neuroscientist and Michael Terman, director of the winter depression program at the New York Psychiatric Institute of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center were interviewed in the article. Their studies involved the use of bright artificial light to treat a number of disorders including SADD. Color is light. Color is electro-magnetic radiation. It would hope that colored light therapy experiments might evolve, someday.... The most widely accepted example in use in mainstream modern medicine is the use of blue light to treat jaundiced newborns. And taking a quantum leap back in history, the Egyptians built healing temples of colored light.

The Vanderbilt Phototherapy Center is an outpatient facility which is fully equipped and staffed for treatment of skin conditions responsive to ultraviolet light therapy. Treatments available at the center include ultraviolet B, combination UVA and B, and photochemotherapy with psoralen plus UVA (PUVA). In addition, the facility is equipped for selected patients to receive full day Goeckerman or Ingram treatments for psoriasis which often replaces the need for hospitalization of the patient.

Conditions most responsive to UV treatments include psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, cutaneous T cell lymphoma, pruritus, vitiligo, and chronic eczemas. Contact: Michael D. Zanolli, M.D.


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